I remember that as a kid I would always scribble down notes on pieces of paper or in a notebook,  wherever I could.

I have a fond memory of myself and my older brother one night when the power was out and all we had for light was the glow from a lit candle. It was quite dim but I really wanted to write something, anything. So I lay down on the carpet with a notepad and a pen and while I thought of what to write, and wrote down random words my brother watched me. Eventually, i think it frustrated him and he snapped “WHY WON’T YOU WAIT TILL THE LIGHT IS BACK, THEN WRITE WHATEVER YOU WANT TO WRITE”.

I found it quite funny and i was a bit embarrassed coz it took a very long time to put together a decent sentence.

Over the years, my love for words and writing has increased tremendously. I find myself writing down lists a lot, goals, dreams, names of books and why I want to read them, quotes, lessons etc. This goes as compensation for not being able to write moving posts. And if I could have a notebook for each of these, I’d be so happy.

Whenever I see notebooks, i want to have them. Whether they are souvenirs or for sale. I especially love the colourful ones. And those with lovely sketches on them.

I have notebooks from years ago and I find it amazing being able to go through them and read the things I thought about, the feelings I felt, my goals and aspirations, everything I wanted then. They’re incredible time capsules.

And until my writing improves I’ll settle for the lists and short notes.

Read the inspiration for this post here


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