Youth is a remarkable thing. I feel blessed to be able to say this. I had an amazing youth, my younger years, when it was easy to daydream, create another world in my head, not have a care in the world.
Recently, i sat on the ground thinking about one random thing or the other, then it happened again. I was gone. I saw what could be. I saw what i wanted panning out before my eyes. I felt myself live it. Feel it. Own it. Be happy in it. I lost myself in the blue of the skies and the song of the birds again. I smelt that morning air, the one like that of my more youthful days. Nostalgia at its best.
It was always so easy, breaking away from the rush to get ready for school in the morning. Or from doing one chore or the other. Or even from being punished for one deviance or the other. It was always so easy to imagine myself in another place, another time, another reality. But this time, more than in the past, i loved it and i was consumed in it. The things we appreciate most are from the little pleasures we get, once in a very long while.
Never believed it could happen again. The memory of it that i kept in my sense’s “happy place”, i made sure i went to very often. Just so i remember that once i had no care in the world, and it felt so remarkable, so divine.
I wondered why it happened again. The voyage was everything, not something i want to question, however i wondered. And i settled on one fact, my free-spirited youthful days were gone, replaced by more consumed days, days of worry and time consciousness, however my mind wanted me to remember, my heart wanted to remember, that nothing goes wrong when one decides that they would rather be on a wild daydream of happiness, every once in a long while…


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