This is who I am

Timid with a touch of talkative. I’m ready to curl back into my shell soon as I start to get shot by daggers from the words I utter. Most times I won’t even say anything…. For fear of daggers

Fearful with a spark of strength. I’m scared to bare my soul to anyone, but when I do I’m strong enough to accept the aftermath. Usually after I’ve been broken into pieces, but i have a strong feeling that I do that to myself.

Happy-go-lucky child with a tinge of misery every once in a while. I laugh for days, I’ll make anyone I love laugh for days. I pray for that happiness everyday. I don’t care who my happiness affects, most often than not I’ll stop anyone from standing between me and my happiness. I’m carefree. Most days. But other days, when the walls come crashing, I’ll be keeping my misery company. Until I see how deep in I am and how fast I need to get out.

Lover –  no strings attached, unconditional, pure, beautiful love. I give my all. It’s that simple.

Forgiving, yet temperamental. One can come before the other. There really is no sequence. Depends on the who and the when.

I don’t really know who I am. Breaks my heart most times. I see other people all figured out. They know who they are, where they’re going and what they want to do. I just smile and nod. I want to do everything and be everything. 

Dreamer. Always have been always will be.

Empath. This is my weakness and my strength. 




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