Not sure if you’re the one that got away coz it seems I’m the one who ran away. Either way, we loved and we fought and we healed as passionately as true lovers do.
I’m happy to have known you, to have been with you, shared memories of love and joy with you. I won’t ever forget them.
This is not an ‘its not me its you’ predicament, i just truthfully feel that in both our interests maybe solo won’t be so bad.
As sweet as making up is, i choose not to get in a fight with or get mad at you. I choose to see you happy, to see you ‘chill’. I’d love to see that it’s coz of me, but i can’t eat my cake and have it, now can i?
I love how you loved me. ‘Loved’… It still hurts to see that its no longer a going concern, the feelings you professed to have once had for me. I love everything we ever shared, the laughter, the pain, the love, down to the endearment.
I don’t know of what use it is to say that i’ll always be here for you. But i will. I was before. Praying to see you happy was so easy, it will never be difficult. When you need me, I’m just a dial away, or text if you’d rather not hear my voice again.
I still cannot see myself with another, in such a short time i grew to want to never leave you. But what’s love if it’s one-sided, or at least feels so.
I’m happy to see you where you are in life, i see you growing, i can’t wait for your success story, i can’t wait to help you tell it. I can’t distract you though, it’s not worth it. Not even to ask you if you still love me. I’d do anything to see you succeed, to stop anyone who tries to stop it. To pray such person never exists.
There’s always a lot more to say to the one that got away. But why say it all if they’ll never care to listen….


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