At the beginning of the year I started a page called the Growth  Journal where I hoped to document everyday of growth, dreams and everything in between

I failed at it.

The why is pretty simple. I had to go through a little something called the Bar Part 2 Programme at the Nigerian Law School. Might sound like ‘normal school’ to most, but it is harsh, military-like training. At least it was for me. I couldn’t keep track of anything in my life outside it yet I wasn’t giving it enough. It took my time, my strength and my money (every kobo). It was the most demanding relationship I’ve ever been in. But i came out alive. 

Well, one foot out. 

Now I’m  thinking about growth and dreams and my relationship with the Lord. Without any distractions (except Bar Part 2 results of course). 

And today I realise that my dreams will always be dreams and they’ll always be there, unless and until I build a strong bond with Allah (SWT) which in turn will get me to that growth I yearn for. 


Time will tell.. 


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