I just got my journal from 7 years ago (Secondary school)…. It’s filled with a lot of childish drama that I cringe at everytime i read, there’s also codes I can’t remember, to-do lists, scribbled notes but most importantly my dreams. The fact that even at a young age I knew the importance of having dreams and forging towards realising them makes me feel so happy. Especially since they were on the education side. What’s more is that all those dreams came true but one, which is still futuristic at this point; adding to it though, my dreams from today:
.Graduate from Nigerian Law with excellent grades. Nothing below an A in all courses In’shaa Allah
.Get called to the Nigerian Bar in 2016 after passing Bar Part 2 on the first and ONLY sitting
.Get a job at a top law firm from Service year, with great pay
.Get a Masters Degree in Law (General) or International Law and Diplomacy from Tufts University
.Become a successful lawyer – SAN (keeping my hopes up) *****
.Make my Family Proud *****

****** – dreams from secondary school

I pray that Allah (SWT) will make my dreams a reality. For it is Only by Him that the best things happen.


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