I see the star that everyone wants, its shine its glimmer, how it lingers on you even after it leaves, the joy, the happiness, all that it brings.
I see the star, the star i want, I’d run to it, but i cant force this to happen, all good things happen at their own time, so i walk, never losing sight of the star, my star.
I see the star, the star i want, alas i see a comet, its greater than the star, was i lost when i aimed for the star, my star. When i can have something even bigger.
I forget the star and run. Run to my comet, i can get this when i want, no need to wait, its more than good at this moment. And its between my hands.
I have my comet, the greatness, the goodness. I bask in this moment, but it starts to burn out. It was good while it lasted? No, it shouldnt even have lasted, i was wrong. It burnt out. And i looked up and saw the star
I saw the star, it was still all I’ve ever wanted. Its beauty, its shine, its glimmer, nothing compares to it. But i lost when i sought the comet, and now I’m far behind with all the losers. All i see now is the star, my star
I see my star, nothing can take it away from me. Not a thousand comets or millions more. As comets come and go, my star always lives forever. And i will start from the beginning to get to it.


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