This was the last one I wrote before today. Of course a lot has happened. I’m a year older, my priorities and my dreams have changed. But this will always be the same….

The Seventh :

I decided to stay back for the holidays instead of going home to the faces of my parents.
Now its the end of the break and i miss them so much i could call them and start crying
Like a baby
But i won’t
The greatest thing i love about both of them is that they both (through very different ways and ideologies) have always tried to make sure that i have from a young age learned that i have responsibilities and there exists a thing called consequences for when i fail at fulfilling my responsibilities
That was my lesson for as long as i can remember
Its true a lot of kids at one point or the other have felt that their parents hated them. Mine was during these lessons as i refer to them
All i felt then was neglect. I was too young to understand. They didn’t teach me to look after the house, my younger siblings, their possessions, myself, my possessions, our guests, them coz they hated me, they did coz at some point in time all those lessons would come in handy.
And evetytime that they do i find myself looking back to the time i was reprimanded for doing it wrong until i got it right. And i’ve said this time and time again and i never get tired nor will i ever get tired of saying it ‘I thank Allah for the patents He blessed me with’
I thank Allah for the love they show me through the lessons they teach me, through the corrections they give me, through the amount of hard work they put in to ensure that myself and my siblings are well provided for.
I pray that Allah SWT blesses them for me. I pray that He rewards them abundantly. I pray that He showers His mercy upon them. I pray that He increases the patience between them with one another. I pray that He increases the love between them. I Pray He keeps them healthy. I pray He keeps the strong. I pray they never find anything to get worried sick over. I pray He increases their Rizq, their status and their faith.
Exalted is He who blessed me with them. He alone is worthy of Praise. He alone is worthy of such gratitude. Alhamdulillah. Subhanallah. Allahu Akbar.


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