The fifth:

I just wanted to thank Allah.
Couple of weeks back a friend and I were talking about how good it feels when you sit alone and look back. You see what you’ve done wrong and where you need to improve.
You notice what you might’ve missed at a given moment. Might have been little then but once you concentrate, you see it how it really is
You appreciate.
I’ve made a mental note to do that more often
Sit alone, look back, notice, appreciate
And today after looking back these past years and the days that have passed what I’ve noticed is that I stopped myself from growing at many different points. I might have blamed other people for my misfortunes but I stopped myself from seeing well. It took forever before I let myself really see and learn and grow
What amazes me most however is the fact that regardless my turning a blind eye, my denial, Allah Azza wa Jal still pushed me to see, still pushed me to become better
I might not have appreciated then, but I am forever appreciative from now on and I seek forgiveness for my past ungratefulness
And I praise Allah for all of His favours in my life.
The favour bestowed upon me that my accident didn’t turn out worse than it did.
The Favour bestowed upon me that I was able to wake up everyday and bear the pain till I got tougher. Till it became nothing to me.
The Favour bestowed upon me of family
The Favour bestowed upon me of good health
The Favour bestowed upon me of good grades
The Favour bestowed upon me of happiness
The Favour bestowed upon me of freedom from all that brought heart ache and sorrow in my life
The Favour bestowed upon me that I finally learned where True Undying Never Ending Love Lies. And this is the greatest of them all. I praise Allah’s beautiful names that through His Rahma He forgave all my sins and brought me closer to Him that I may know what true love feels like. That He heard my cries and prayers for true love and in many ways showed me that He’s always here. I praise Allah for every morning that I wake up. Because for as long as I can remember I haven’t woken up with any negative thoughts, i wake up knowing that i did by His Grace and His Mercy and His Love. Subhanallah
I praise Allah in all of His Beautiful Names. Exalted is He. Lord of the Heavens and of the Earth. He who is Pure and Loves all things Pure. He who answers the prayers of all those who call upon Him and also blesses His Servants with Good from among His Favours, even when they haven’t prayed for same.
In Shaa Allah i will Praise Allah for as long as i live on this Earth, and await with great anticipation the day He blesses me with the Beautiful Sight that is Him.
Allahu Akbar


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