I started my growth Journal on the fourth of this year. The past year I’d been through a lot of stress and challenges and all I wanted when the year started was to grow. And there’s only a few ways in our conservative environment that a person can grow and so I prayed for this particular one. My journal will be in a way like prayer notes. I pray I can make them often. What with school and all. However with regards this prayer a lot has happened since the fourth and I’ve like changed my perspective of it. Allah knows Best and I Pray He blesses me with it.

The Fourth:

I want to get married
I do and all the time i pray for it
I pray that it is not for the wrong reasons
I pray that it will be at the best time for me and for my parents
I pray that it will be part of my Goodness in the Dunya and will lead to more Goodness for me in the Akhirah In shaa Allah
I pray that someone serious comes along by the time i go home for my Law School Externship Program.
I pray that the person is tall, i pray he’s very handsome, i pray he has a beautiful heart, i pray he does beautiful actions and speaks beautiful kind words
I pray that he loves Allah subhanahu wa ta ‘ala
I pray he loves our beloved prophet Sallallahu Alaihi wa sallam
I pray that he obeys Allah and follows our Prophet’s teachings
I pray that he is kind, i pray he is generous, i pray that he will love me for the sake of Allah and i will love him for the sake of Allah
I pray that if he is all that i dream of in a husband, that i too will be all that he dreams of in a wife
I pray that he will be a pious, good man
And that Allah will increase me in piety and goodness so that i may be deserving of such a man
I pray that he will be knowledgeable in Islam and that he will teach me more than i know. I pray that he will always love for both of us to work toward walking into our palace in Al Jannah al-Firdaus together hand in hand In Shaa Allah
I pray that mine will be the face he looks at and feels happy and his will be the face i look at and feel happy through the mercy of Allah Arhamur Raheem
I pray that he will be the best husband and father and i will be the best wife and mother
I pray that he will be rich. I pray that all his efforts will go towards ensuring that his family is well taken care of. So much so that if he says to me ‘stop working and stay home, it’s your place to be a better wife and mother, just as Islam says’ i wouldn’t think twice about it for i know Allah will not forsake me
I pray that he will be healthy and he will be an AA.
I pray that he will not have anger issues and he will be a patient man
I pray that i will never feel the need to insult him or get angry at him and i will be a patient woman
And i pray that if one of us is fire, the other will have the decency to be water
I pray a lot for what i want of a husband. I pray because only Allah can hear me and bless me with such goodness from among His favours
For verily i do not deny the blessings of my Lord upon me. I do not deny His mercy upon me. I do not deny that He alone can answer my du’a. And i praise Him alone for all the goodness in my life. Exalted is He and most Praiseworthy. The Peace of my life. The Light of my life. Surely only His Nur and His Rahma do i seek everyday of my life. That i continue to be guided by Him and Him alone. That i continue to be blessed by Him and Him alone. That i continue to be shown Mercy and Love by Him and all those who love Him and whom He loves. I pray He answers my du’a and accepts my ibadah.


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