It’s the last day of the month. I want to say I’ve grown this past month, but it won’t be in the ways I wanted to. Now I want marriage, but not so soon unless it’s right for me, I want to grow as a person more. As Allah’s slave. And one that He is pleased with. I pray I can. But still I must acknowledge where I am now…


Haven’t written anything in a while
My life hit a screeching halt, productivity-wise
Have to write now coz ive been on a downward spiral lately
I guess when it comes to increasing your love for Allah and staying happy with what he provides you and bettering yourself, as soon as you hit a screeching halt that’s it, next is a downward spiral
These days i can cry at the drop of a hat, i forget to have faith, i let myself feel broken i let myself feel like there’s nothing that can be done, that its all over. I let myself believe i’m not ever going to be loved or ever going to be happy, i forget family, i get confused, i pray when i need to as opposed to every single second and its tearing me apart
I want to be better
I want to do better
I want the Greatest form of love
I pray for it everyday
Allahumma inni as’aluka hubbaka. Wa hubba man yuhibukka. Wa hubba amalin yuqarribuna ilaihi.
And i always pray i find the love
The kind that’ll fill me up, the kind that will make me progress in every part of life, the kind type.
I want to give it, i want to get it, i want to grow in it
Ya Allah i want Your Love, i want Your Mercy, i want Your Light. Thats all i want everyday of my life and nothing more.
Nothing more because when i have that I’ll have everything good.
Because i believe when You grant goodness to Your Slave from among Your Favours, it is only more Good that follows.
Ya Allah Favour me.
Ya Allah Love me and Increase my love for You!
Increase my Love for your Religion
Increase my Love for The Beloved Rasul Sallallahu Alaihi wa sallam
Oh Allah, Favour Me


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