Sometimes when people cry- after a long day, after a fight they won, after making or trying to make a point, after going through something they did or did not expect to go through- it’s never because they’re weak. And i know that someone out there has already stressed this point harder than i will right now, but i’ll still do it.
Crying always seems like the most sensible thing to do when under pressure, let alone when i’ve tried to get something right, or tried to hold something in for far too long. In such situations, i’d probably cry just to let go of whatever stress that has built up or to regroup or just to start over. Here, my expectations are that when i finally decide to try at whatever brought out those tears, it will be a new struggle, starting from wherever i stopped. Personally, i think that’s a testament to the fact that it takes real strength to cry, wipe away your tears, get your shit together and try again- harder.
I also think such strength shows itself immediately after a good cry. When you feel deep space in your chest and it becomes easier to laugh without having tears come out. That’s enough to tell you ‘Good! now that that’s over and done, you can get up and try some more, it doesn’t even matter if you break down later, there’s never a limit to trying your best.’
I don’t believe i would be strong if i hadn’t been through what i’ve been through however trivial they might’ve been and never has there been a struggle that hit me so hard and didn’t leave me crying. And each time, i just tried my luck again…


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