Somehow I’ve managed to get to a part of my life where I really have no one to share my feelings with. Like no one at all!
And sadly I have a lot to say. A lot to let out. I’m not even paying attention to whatever’s around me at this point, it’s just what’s bottled up inside that matters. How to let it all go. How to assure myself that it’s nothing. That I can get past it all.
And of course, I feel like nobody cares. They don’t, definitely, they have their own headaches to deal with.
At the end of the day it multiplies and I don’t know what the real problem is or where it started from. I can’t keep track. It becomes way too much. Unbearable. Sometimes I feel I don’t want to share for fear that it’ll only get worse. But I don’t know. All I know though is it’ll get better. All I wish is for it to happen faster.