If I could love with all of me, I would, the only problem is how I’d worry and what I’d be worried about.
Sometimes you think the things are worth worrying about or the person is worth worrying over, other times things play out in a rather unpleasant manner.
The thing that you’re worried might happen, it’ll happen and you won’t know how to solve it.
The person you’re worried over might speak words or act in ways that are hurtful and unbelievable.
Then you start to question yourself, “did I love the wrong way?” “Did I worry about the wrong things” “is that the same person”
Self-doubt and what not..
If I could love with all of me, I would, except I’d be afraid of what could go wrong. That might make me a negative nelly but at least I care about myself enough to lookout for myself. And I don’t think that’s wrong. Especially if being that person that worries causes me to be pushed away. There isn’t a button I can push to make it go away, its just a thing that’s mine, just me. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


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