I don’t get this title, I just kinda wanted to go with something that seems sorta oxymoronic, truth be told I just wanted to talk about something that’s kinda ‘me’..
I’ve never denied my Lonesome personality, I don’t really have a right to do so I mean I get a kick from sitting alone in my room enjoying the quiet times. I hope there are people who can relate to this coz I really can’t add another part to my complex weirdness.
What this piece is about though is the fact that for a loner, I really relate to a lot of people. I know that’s true, I talk to a lot of people in my class of 300 students. That might not make sense loool. But anyway it gets me thinking how that’s possible, makes me forget that I’m living testimony and make myself a specimen for an experiment I’m conducting.
It all comes down to this ‘no man is an island’. I relate to people regardless of the fact that I’m a loner, I try to understand people coz you never know where you’re going to end up, it’s always about the future no matter how much it wrecks your present, we’re all just learning for that time. If it wasn’t I don’t think there’s anything that’ll make me still go to university (dungeon).
So yeah, a loner who can be friends with people is not so weird, it actually kinda rocks for the simple fact that that person can decide to be a friend one time and be alone the next. It’s all about the versatility. I can’t complain man! It’s good to be this way. I relate to different people, with each one sharing a side of me that they can relate with. I get a kick out of it.
Plus it kinda has an oxymoron side to it. Hmmm it’s all good!


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