Woke up, got dressed, got out.
In faculty
Test day
Moody, felt dumb, felt blank
With friends trynna recall what I read
In class, got a seat, got comfortable
No confidence, not even a bit
Teach’ got in smiled
He was evil
He is evil
“Put your books away”
Tummy tumbled, new fright!
Papers went round
Laughter from front seats
Easy or hard
Paper gets to me
That shit hard
Had to laugh
Boy, we screwed.
Help pen on paper ‘waiting for ink to write what you don’t know’
Shit got real!
An hour later
Still laughing at we clueless people
Time up
Made a prayer
Submitted paper

What a day my saturday was shit!
Couldn’t be bothered
Except I missed a fashion show for this
To feel like crap
To feel like shit
Oh well at least I get to talk about it
What a day it was
I felt like crap