It’s a new day. Someone’s birthday. Someone’s graduation day. Someone’s job interview day. And probably someone died today. We all plan for these sorta stuff. We imagine how we’d want them to go. How good we want them to be. How amazing. How memorable. It’s a new year. Time for a lot of us to have new year’s resolutions. For us to try hard to follow through with them. Or try hard and give up pursuing them. Or even change them to something simpler, something better.
It’s a new year and the best thing we can do is to hope it’s better than the previous ones. Try to be adventurous. Do something new. Try something dangerous. Let a friend talk you into taking pictures for an imaginary modelling company. Live a little bit more than you already are.
Be young and wild and free (yeah like the song). Because someday you probably won’t be able to. You won’t be able to go bungee jumping. Or to ride a bike. Or go on a date. Or test-drive a flashy car that your salary definitely won’t buy. Some day you won’t be able to do stuff and say ‘for the heck of it’. So before then do all these stuff. Remind someone that you love them every second that you can. Buy that man bag that you’ve been drooling over through the shop window. Wear a red lipstick and have a night out with your girlfriends. Just do everything you want to do (legal stuff) so someday you’ll look back and say ” I remember when I did..” And not “I remember wanting to do…”
Take a chance this new year. Appreciate every moment of it!


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