What’s the worst feeling?
What position would you hate to be in?
It’s difficult understanding that people can even make you feel a cErtain way. Last time I checked they shouldn’t even be your problem. Yet, they are.
From the friend that chooses to let go without trying.
To the enemy that torments you everyday till you begin to hate yourself for your cowardice.
To hold a position very close to someone’s heart and then suddenly feel yourself being torn away like it’s nobody’s business.
To lose the most important thing to you because you were too careless.
To be so frightened of another person because it’s thought that it takes another person for you to be happy.
It’s incredible how all these things make us feel.
It’s mind-blowing how we let people determine when we can be happy because we feel too weak to control our sadness.
Taking time to give someone your all, sacrificing every ‘me-moment’ for an ‘our-moment’
All not appreciated.
This is when we start to feel hated
Start to feel so jaded
Start to feel way too depressed to care about our own selves
Being pushed to the bottom position where all they care about is you staying there ass kissing the life outta them.
It’s scary to let people control your happiness because you’re too scared to hurt them.
If you’re human you should feel hurt too
And every human relationship is a two-way-street
Give and take
No one ever said being a little bit selfish was a crime
All they said is care about the rest as you’d want to be taken care of.
Do you afore you do them.
Live by that
Because unless you’re strong enough to control your emotions all you’ll be is a puppet to people who can only be selfish about every single thing in their life including things that matter like people’s feelings.
Think about it
Control your emotions
Set people straight
Tell that control freak ‘this is my life and I choose to be happy with or without you innit, so what are you, in or out?’
And don’t forget to walk away like you know exactly what you’d done. Boss-style!


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