Today I celebrated what seemed like the best day of my teen years. I made sure I enjoyed it with the people that matter to me, the people that care about me. And throughout the day I thought to myself ‘Life’s too short for one not to live it to the fullest’. Boy, was I in for a shock.
The festivities went on with loads of laughter and love from the closest, dearest people to my heart. Even a surprise party. I was elated beyond words. I kept saying to myself ‘this is all that matters, sharing love with those that are with you at the moment’
I even had a problem with a very good friend and in my head I thought that in case any confrontation came up I’d tell her my mind, I’d tell her the truth. What I imagined I’d tell her was ‘I’m not ready to keep arguing or not talking to the people that matter to me because I did something or the other person did something wrong, I’m not ready to sacrifice every moment that can be shared in joy and laughter and happiness because we’d rather settle scores. I’m not ready to lose a friendship that has made too much meaning in my life. And I am not ready because I value life, I value the people that Allah has blessed me with in my life and I cherish every moment I spend with them for we don’t know when we’d lose that. So instead of confrontation, how about this I’m sorry I don’t want to be sad because of you or to argue with you or not talk to you. I don’t want to lose you’
I imagined that immediately after that everything would be happier. Meaningful again. The confrontation never happened. Alhamdulillah. But the biggest bomb was about to be dropped on us.
I have a friend, more like a sister, I’ve known for almost 8 years now. She means a lot to me and so does everyone she loves, I can only imagine that the feeling is mutual. My dearest friend lost someone so dear to her heart today. I couldn’t smile anymore. I couldn’t celebrate. I couldn’t find peace in me. All I felt was the pain.
But after some minutes I thought to myself, ‘everything happens for a reason, if it wasn’t destined it wouldn’t be’. And I prayed in my heart that Allah took her when He was pleased with her, with her iman. And that Allah’s light will shine through her resting place. His words her blanket. Her good actions her companions. And our prayers her comfort. Most of you might not know who this friend is or who her mum was but it won’t take anything in you to pray for her. Our mother.
As you celebrate life, someone mourns a loss. May we all meet in Allah’s paradise by His grace. May Allah have mercy on the soul of our dear mother. May her soul rest in peace In Shaa Allah.


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