With every space is always something to fill it up. To make it complete. To make it a thing. Like people make a building a home and flowers make an intricate ceramic or glass work a vase.
Can there be the right filling for an empty space. Can there be a filling that’s just out of place. Like feeling one doesn’t belong in the building that he calls home, or a sunflower looking out of place in its designated vase.
Who hurts then if such happens?
Who wishes to leave or to fix the situation?
Does the person move to another building?
Is the Sunflower thrown out and replaced with another flower?
Does one change the furniture?
Or does the sunflower get another vase?
Will there ever be a way to fix it?
One wants to feel like he belongs wherever he is. One wants to feel like there’s no need to run away and find a new home. One wants to feel that there’s no difference between he and whoever he lives with because that’s really why anyone would live with another.
Then does the feeling of not belonging come from the space itself or from those that one lives with or from the person himself.
Can the feeling be solved by moving into another space, by changing a flower vase or by deciding to make the space ones own?….
Should the feeling even exist at all?
Being that every space must have a filling…


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