“Hello, My name is Miss R. and I’m a hopeless romantic.” *pause* *chorus* “Hi R.” *R stares at the group, takes in a deep breath, exhales and starts to speak*
” A hopeless romantic to the whole world is someone that can’t help but to love love. Someone whose life is dreamt and lived vicariously by the person as a reflection of every chick flick, every best seller epic romantic novel, every cake, every flower…. That’s a bit stereotypical I’d say. Coz I’m a bit not like that.”
*anonymous group stares on*
No doubt I love love, I love to love and I love to be loved, most importantly though, I love real love. That kind of love where the fights are what keep you together, where every funny moment shared is one that will live on forever, where every picture is literally worth a thousand words.
Someone called me a hopeless romantic, maybe that’s the reason why I’m here even, though at that moment I thought, ‘coz I want things to last for a very long time? Is this why?’.
I have a thing, where I don’t want to change, where I don’t want people that are with me now not to be with me in 5 years time. I love love in a sense that I expect it to remain there for the longest of times, where memories upon memories exist, where the darkest times don’t say ‘this is the end’ but rather ‘this is a struggle and we’ll overcome’.
The person I’m with might see me as a migraine coz I want every thing corrected and I want every problem solved sometimes in the most annoying ways but I do it with a good heart, I do it for both of our best interests.
I have no memory of ever loving romantic novels, I hardly ever watch movies so RomCom’s are not always at the top of my list, I don’t eat a cupcake or a piece of cake and make a comment about every single content in it, flowers rarely ever remind me of a kiss or a smile. So I’ve ruled myself out of the stereotypical hopeless romantic. I wonder what makes me a hopeless romantic then, it all comes down to how I express my love, what I do and how I do it. Not vicariously, but originally.
I talk to the person I’m with like I would talk to any other person, the difference is the sense of respect I have for him. I support the person I’m with, with as much strength as I’d support any other person, the difference is I do it in a way that says ‘we’re going through this together’.
I still don’t get why I’m here or why I’m a hopeless romantic. Romance to me is everything that comes with real love, everything that makes the both of you happy, everything you two go through because you two are in love with each other and there’s nothing hopeless about that. Because when you’re in love all you have is hope, hope for a better future, hope for a future.. If not then, what’s the point really.
At that, my name is Miss R, I’m a romantic and all I have is hope.
*anonymous group claps*


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