Is it ever okay to feel sad or empty or alone? Is it ever okay to give and not receive? Is it ever okay to be selfless in a selfish world?
Here’s a great thought no?
A thought that when played in the mind becomes a mental crisis. An ulcer. That eats you up from the inside out.
Here’s another thought…
Why does it not always seem to be easy to have happiness? Why is it ever so hard to keep family? To keep friends? To keep just one companion for the fulfilment of full content.
And another thought….
Is something terribly wrong with me? For feeling alone. For being unhappy. For wanting a friend for all the wrong reasons. Damn, that’s a sick oxymoron. A friend for the wrong reasons. The word ‘friend’ itself should emit every possible goodness. Every light. Every happiness. But what happens when it’s wrong? Like sweet-sorrow. Haha.
Mind-blowing thoughts of a blown up mind. A sick person that’s passed all the health tests. Why am I branching out so far. I don’t know
Thought… Confusion. Yes I’m confused. I have no space for sadness nor do I have any space for letting anyone make me sad. How does it then happen.
When I curl up at night I feel it filling me up to the brim. No space for air. How then does it happen. This feeling. These feelings. This ulcer……
Just a thought though
That’s what I’m giving
Just a thought………


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